Hello, Hola etc…

I have just begun to set up this blog page and the trouble is, finding the time to actually do it. I have been assured that it is necessary to have a website because I am an author, I was also told by the very knowledgeable Film Producer, Neil Meffan, that I should hire people to do it for me. OK, I know other people do that and if I was mega-rich I might do that very thing, good advice really, as it would not be eating into my writing time. However, having been brought up in a Military School, routines have been thoroughly drilled into me… ergo, I’m pretty good at time management.

So onto designing a website! I eventually decided to go with WordPress as it has a huge base and I started by using one of their templates, then came the realization, I’m a writer not a tech wizard! So, the simplest things for a techie to do in designing a site, became huge hurdles for me to overcome. A giant learning curve, much googling and studying of YouTube tutorials , yet, still baffled! More reports on progress as the days pass and I will try to assign time to do a weekly blog, just about things that happen to me… The interesting thing, probably every writer will tell you, is that you always notice things that others may not notice. See stories in any mundane activity or news report, for instance, I once wrote a story about nappies… Anyway, on to trying to promote myself a little.

My book, Lesser Expectations, if you go the Amazon site or anywhere else it is offered for sale, you will find the longish publicity blurb… personally, I’m starting to think I may have too much detail in it! A short Blurb occurred to me last night to describe my novel ‘Lesser Expectations’ in as few words as possible, to try to lure a reader to have a look at it. Here it is:

You’re about to receive a Multi-Billion Pound inheritance when your old man dies! Then you find the entire fortune has gone to a half-brother you never even knew existed. It’s not fair… even if you are a serial-killer… but if your half-brother dies within the next month, the inheritance goes back to you! OK, so you’re a serial killer, nobody’s perfect! What to do? Did I mention you were a serial Killer? 


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