The eternal truth and networking…

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Busy learning new software. There’s an eternal truth, that when you’re told that software will do everything for you, do everything your heart desires. Then goes on to tell you that all you’ve got to do is input the data, or cut and paste a file and eh Voila… there’s the  finished product, you need to take with a pinch of salt!

The product then advises that before you do anything at all with the software, you should read the 35000 page PDF from cover to cover. The eternal truth? Nothing is easy, you’ve got to work at it. If somebody is demonstrating how easy the whizz-bang of a product is, and making it look easy, you can bet your life they will have been working with it for a considerable time… Such is the new software package I’m using at the moment and trying to get to grips with. I will get there in the end, just got to read this tome of a manual, I’m on page three already, only another 3,497 pages to go…

I’m terrible at networking! I mean really bad! I was at an Edinburgh International Film Festival event last week. The event itself was great then came the networking, I was like LiL Orphan Annie, or the male equivalent…

It has always been the same with me and I do not understand it. I was on stage from the age of fifteen until about fifteen years ago, I started playing in rock-n-Roll bands in the late fifties, progessing to showbands to eventually being on my own, which was when I decided to quit. The thing being, I was and still am, very comfortable on stage or in front of the cameras, but networking? It’s a mystery to me, but one I feel I really need to solve…

Actual writing, that is, actually using my brain cells to tell a story, has ceased for the moment as I try to get all my books correctly formatted ready for a Book Launch. I still work as hard per day… that is, I still spend the same amount of time at the computer, only it’s not writing, it’s checking and polishing my books. Checking and Polishing means that I’m constantly reading and re-reading my books for flaws or typos. Happily, I am still amazed that I’m reading something that I’ve written, I truly do not know where the inspiration or the words come from, but it does and that’s the important thing!


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