Where are all the men?




Saw a message on Facebook from a very attractive female who was pictured with a group of equally attractive women and she was asking, “where are all the men? None are coming forward to ask us out…” I was joking when I replied and said; “they’re feared” (afraid)… But now, when I think about it…


I am of a different generation, a generation where we paid ‘court’ to women and actually met them in person before asking them out on a date… We could actually pay them compliments, maybe even getting to kiss them, or hold hands, and not get reported for sexual harassment!

But now all the men are confused! They are all walking a very short plank in case their intended takes offence and reports them for something or other. So, who can the men actually pay a compliment to? Dare they ask you on a date? Dare they take the risk of getting the signals from a female wrong?

Will they be accused of sexual harassment if they actually ask them out? God forbid they would have the temerity to actually kiss the female despite favourable signals, they could spend the night in jail, or worse…

So where are all the men? They are still available ladies, but terrified of the consequences should they say something that could remotely be described as sexual harassment if they inadvertently touch a female hand… I’m merely asking the question and have no answers, I’m simply a bemused bystander watching…


On the subject of dating in this new technological age, when everybody has their eyes glued to a phone and never ever sees anybody or anything…

How on earth do you actually meet anyone if you don’t look up from the device you have in your hand? If you don’t look up your eyes can never meet, and if they don’t meet? Then that’s your loss I’m afraid…

So, we come down to online dating, and I’m of the opinion that everybody lies with their details…

Actual court cases also point to dating sites as being a happy hunting ground for predators looking for victims and, on a sobering note, you may never get the opportunity to accuse them of harassment of any description if you’re not alive to accuse them…

On a lighter note and merely because I’m a writer, my vision of a modern dating ritual.

Cormack and Britney are messaging each other on Facebook and arrange a date at a local pub or, more likely, a Rave, let’s say it’s the local pub, ‘The Bull and Frog’.

Cormack arrives and texts Britney:

“Am at Bull and frog, where are you?”

“I’m at the Bull and Frog too.”

They both look up and realise they’re at the same table sitting opposite each other… Cormack looks down at his device and texts:

“Have you ordered yet?”

She texts back and sends him a menu by text.

“What do you fancy Cormack? I’m having fish!”

And so it goes on for the entire meal, neither looking up from their devices.

They finish off the meal as they check out Facebook and other media, terrified they might have missed something totally inconsequential to either of them.

The dinner finishes with Cormack texting three kisses to Britney and Britney doing the same back. Then Cormack looks up to discover that Britney has left the building…  

Ah, true love… what bliss…



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