Looking for a new title…

Devil and Angel

People are asking for a blurb about the book to get a better idea for titles, so here is one I  posted elsewhere:

Wilson Small decides to commit suicide ten years to the day after his beloved wife and unborn child died. During those ten years, he ranted and raved, blaming God for her death to anyone who would listen to him. He was so obsessed with his anger against God, he lets himself and his house go to rack and ruin, becoming a bitter, twisted, shambling husk of the man he’d once been.

When Wilson decided to commit suicide, God was so angry (the straw that broke the camel’s back) that he would not allow Wilson to die and vowed, that if Wilson couldn’t truly understand him (God), he would obliterate his Humanity experiment and start again, thus ending Human existence. The fate of Humanity rested on the shoulders of Wilson Small!

However, Wilson was given some help, in the form of the angel ‘Barachiel’… who can sometimes be more a hindrance than help…

The Devil found out about Wilson, ‘The Beholden’, and realised it was the best opportunity he would ever have to return and rule the Earth. The Devil only had one problem; ‘The Beholden’ Wilson Small and Barachiel (Barry) was in his way…

The book is a novel about an ordinary man who is bewildered, but has to come to terms with his predicament whilst trying to save himself, and the people around him from the murderous intentions of Satanists… There is humour in the book as well…

Credit to xvrcardoso for the art.

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