Such an exciting life I lead…

Was busy narrating ‘The Beholden” in my computer room/audio studio, I’ll be releasing ‘The Beholden’ as an Audiobook along with the print and Kindle editions at some point. I was alone in the house except for Willow when there was the most almighty bang! I went to investigate and could see nothing obvious so I put it down to a Willow misadventure upstairs, the wee puss has her moments… and carried on working. About ten minutes earlier I had switched the microwave on to heat up (it’s also an oven)… Having finished my work I went through to the kitchen, as it was time to put the chicken into the oven. Only to find the explosion had been the microwave glass door shattering into pieces, the reason I never saw it when I checked to find the source of the huge bang was because the glass was almost intact, although heavily crazed, and had stayed within the door frame. An alternative meal had to be hastily prepared, but I got there in the end and the electrician is coming on thursday to repair it… Phew… I lead such an exciting life…

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