The Academy, the Oscars and Steven Spielberg…

Steven Spielberg is annoyed that Netflix are not putting movies into theatres so Netflix shouldn’t be eligible for an Oscar for their movies! To my mind he and the Academy are the people in the wrong, they are trying to enforce their monopoly of the business. It is them (and their monied buddes) who decide what films are going to be made, what films are going to be funded. These people also control the theatres and control whose films are going to be distributed, which is why films in Scotland (and other places) don’t get funding because they can’t get distribution, so the films are not made! We are not in the club, so tough on us… Then Netflix (and others) came along and are threatening the monopoly! 
Now we come to the crux of the matter why Spielberg doesn’t want Netflix to win any Oscars.
Indisputably Netflix are making movies, by Spielbergs own admission Netflix have better writers and directors than Hollywood…  
So back to Spielbergs argument, Netfix is not placing the films into theatres, theatres which are controlled by the Cabal that rules Hollywood AND the Oscars, therefore Netflix shouldn’t be able to win an Oscar… 
Undeniably Netflix make movies, the Oscars are awards for the best movies and workers in the film industry. Spielberg’s own admission that Netflix have the best writers and directors, plus the best stories fly in the face of his argument. The people or organisations who are placing movies into theatres rule the theatres and therefore the money by which movies are made… Netflix threaten that model because they are making money available to writers, directors, and other people in the industry who are not members of Spielberg’s select club. 
Times have moved on from the theatres and the magic lantern, both Models should be able to co-exist and the Academy should recognise that streaming is just yet another way of showing movies… The Academy, and Spielberg, should have the good grace to welcome streaming and award Oscars to the BEST movies and BEST people in the industry. 
People are always going to go to theatres to watch movies because the experience adds to the film being shown, it is an event!
Mr Spielberg and the Masters of the Academy, please just shake hands with Netfliix and Co, and do what you all do best, make movies and may the best film win!

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