What just happened???

My Twitter Handle… #KennethJMatthe2

Well, that was an adventure… and exhausting! For the last few days I’ve been taking part in a Twitter pitching contest for authors, #PitMad. First of all I had never used Twitter or really understood how it worked, so I had to start learning how to use it from scratch.

Tweet 1.
Wilson blames the Almighty for his wife and child’s death and attempts to join them. This angers God who threatens to destroy Humanity and replace it with another species unless Wilson understands why it is necessary for the Lord to do what He does. #PitMad #A #P #H #T.

The second thing was to compose three tweets that related to my unpublished novel and do it in such a way that it piqued interest from agents who might wish to take me on as a client. The novel I was pitching was the second in my ‘One Man’s Fault’ series, “The Beholden”, a Paranormal thriller…

Tweet 2.
Wilson Small tries to end his life, still cursing the Almighty after the death of his wife and child 10 years previously. The fallen Angel Barachiel, is sent to help Wilson in his quest to understand the Lord’s reasoning…#PitMad #A #P #H #T. Denis Wheatley meets HP Lovecraft

I was being tutored in the art of Twitter pitching by Kathy Ver Eecke for four days before the event actually took place and then I nearly got it disastrously wrong… For some reason I thought the event started at midnight GMT, however the starting time was eleven hours earlier, East Coast Time!

Tweet 3.
As Wilson Small struggles to understand the Almighty, assisted by the blundering Angel Barachiel. The Demon Tabael is creating mayhem as she tries to restore Satan to rule the Earth. Another eleven sacrifices are needed, with Wilson top of the list! #PitMad #A #P #H #T

Fortunately I realised my error seven hours into the event and did actually publish my tweets, although not quite as scheduled by Kathy. Then came another bewildering part of the process. I got retweeted a few times and hearted a couple of times and after I put up my second tweet I got a message, “Yes please.” along with a retweet. Now I’ve written that event down, I’m still bewildered as to what it all means, what actually happened…

Doubtless all will become clear over the next few days and maybe something will happen in relation to the competition. One thing is clear, it was exciting and exhilarating and… exhausting… Roll on the next one, maybe I will know what I’m doing and be much better at it… Thank you Kathy Ver Eecke for introducing me to the mayhem that is #PitMad.

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