The Detective

Spent an enjoyable couple of hours with Glasgow International artist Frank McNab at Glasgow Art Club, and I’m delighted to say Frank has agreed to do the cover for my new book, the second in the ‘One Man’s Fault’ series, “The Beholden”.
The supernatural mayhem continues in the second book as Wilson Small battles to save Humanity with the dubious aid of the bungling Angel, Barachiel…

I’m hoping to display some detail of Frank’s cover art for the book in the very near future.
We were having a laugh about one of the central characters in the book, the second tallest (according to the book) skyscraper in Britain, second only to ‘The Shard’. Frank insists on calling the building ‘Trump’s Tower’ and I can see where he’s coming from… you do have to read the book to get the full humour from his comment.

I was also able to view his latest painting, The Detective, currently on view at the Glasgow Art Club, a real Tour-de-force!
You sometimes hear art experts mumbling about narrative content in relation to a painting they’re critiquing or pointing out that the painting leads the eye to this, or that, point.

Frank McNab’s, “The Detective”, is a painting that actually does have a story! The viewer is invited to solve who did what and, as they say, “The clues are all there.” I suspect many amateur sleuths who fancy they can solve any puzzle will spend many hours, or days, trying
to solve exactly what happened… 

Me? I’m not clever enough, I’m simply in awe of the work
as a wonderful painting. I can scarcely believe that Frank is doing my book cover! 
#KennethJMatthews # @Frank_Mcnab_Art @KennethJMatthe2

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