The End of Days and George Orwell

I was in conversation with a friend of mine yesterday in Glasgow, film producer Neil Meffan. During the confab he gloomily remarked that we were now living in 1984, a reference to George Orwell’s novel, later made into a film. Big Brother and all that (not the TV reality show…)

I couldn’t argue with that as lies are the new truth, and everybody believes everything that the ‘Publicity Machine’ spits out…

He then asked if I was writing a book about the reality of today, what would I write about if I tried to predict the near future in a novel?
That made me think for several moments before I replied, “I think I would have to write about “the end of days” and I’m not talking about anything religious… 

I would consider the population explosion, I would consider the end of Earth’s reserves of everything, oil, coal, fish, bees, anything that could sustain life on the planet. The poisoning of our oceans with plastic, Global warming… Then I would have to consider that nobody cares enough to do anything about it, to take steps to save the planet. 
People appear to be more interested in staring at mobile phones and taking ‘Selfies’… Yes there are small groups who declare an interest but they have no real voice… 

Inevitably there would come a point when wholescale fighting would break out and killing would be widespread, be the norm. Groups or countries trying to steal from others, commodities or property they don’t have, but feel they should have, then of course there’s religious hatred…

I’m going to stop now, I don’t want to consider this anymore as it’s making my blood run cold as to the reality…
But then, I also write Science Fiction… looking over my words I whisper to myself… “Am I actually writing about Science fact?’

Are my nightmares in fact real?

Sleep well… #EndofDays #GeorgeOrwell

Kenneth J. Matthews.

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