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Too many Superheroes…

Our family, apart from those in LA, were dining out this evening… During the course of the evening the conversation turned to writing for films, probably instigated by myself.
I expressed disappointment that Captain Marvel, whose comics I was weaned on, was surrounded by other superheroes. I suppose I have a gripe that writers, or directors, want to fill their films with every superhero thay can cram into it, and in my opinion any such film is the worse for it…
Story is very simple, you have a Protagonist and an Antagonist (a goodie and a baddie) there is a problem between the two and the baddie is hellbent on revenge, while the goodie has other problems in their life to solve as well. In the end all is resolved, how, is down to the writer… Obviously you can have the reverse where the hero does all the killing because the baddie slaughtered his family… I find such stories satisfying because they are clear and reach a satisfying conclusion.
But now, we have multiple heroes and the picture becomes muddy, not clearcut anymore, difficult to watch and unsatisfying. Such films cannot hold my attention!
If you mix all the paints in your paintbox you will get mud… Thus in films, again in my opinion, although, it is my feet walking away from the multi-hero scenarios…

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