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Plan or Wing it

Comet Laissez-Faire

I’m curious as to how other writers pen their stories… Do you plan it down to the Nth degree, the plot, the characters etc or do you write like me? I have to say I have never actually met any other writers who creates a story the way I do.
I know what the beginning of the story is, and I know the ending, not necessarily exactly the ending I originally envisaged… Once I have these two points in mind, and I will have to really like the idea, I sit down and write. The story is finished when the outcome is achieved. Thus, I don’t know when I start writing how long the story will be. A short story, a novella or a full-length novel. 
There was, and is, an exception to that rule and that is a saga I am writing called “The Laissez-Faire Inheritance”, a Sci-Fi Saga… I’ve been writing that now for about ten years, it will eventually run to three books and covers three centuries. Because the whole thing is plotted and planned, (I had a whole wall covered with the timeline and incident points) I don’t have the characters saying to me “I wouldn’t do that, I would do this…” The result is I’m dissatisfied with the story as I have characters coming out of the woodwork saying no. no. no…. I’m considering (eventually) scrapping the story and restarting using the method I am happiest with, after all I do know the beginning, and the end, and have the idea for the story… 
So, how do you write?

2 thoughts on “Plan or Wing it”

  1. I use detailed Outlines to structure the first draft for each scene. I then expand on the individual parts of the chapters through letting the characters interact with the scenarios. This is like “winging it” but I end up scrapping it during the second draft. The second draft I clean up the unnecessary parts and usually it is those that were written spontaneously. A good outline is more important to me than writing unstructured scenes.

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