Spring Cleaning and old film screenplays

Screenplays found during my springcleaning

Hilda is currently spring cleaning and I have caught the bug and am clearing out my computer/writing room. During the activity I came across some of my old film scripts… To mention four: The Haunting of Maggie, Aed MacGregor, Saturday the Fourteenth and Translation. I always saw these as Feature Films or TV series…

The Haunting of Maggie- Supernatural. A woman condemned as a witch in 1697 comes back to exact revenge on the descendants of the Sheriff who condemned her to death… and does so in a variety of interesting ways…

Translation- A Post WW2 drama that follows the story of orphan children in the bombed out ruins of Clydebank, Glasgow. Led by Bobby Gilchrist they steal in order to survive, then become a gang that becomes feared throughout the City…

Aed MacGregor- A 1950’s onwards survival drama. Aed, a child from a remote Scottish Isle is sent to the Big School in Glasgow to learn English and be something better than his parents. He is mercilessly bullied and his development is rather different from that his Mum and Dad envisaged…

Saturday the Fourteenth- A Sci-Fi multidimensional Fantasy. Film Producer Neil Meffan and I scratched the surface of this story with the short film “Room 14″…

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