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Writer’s Mode.


I’m sitting in front of my computer staring at the last few paragraphs of my latest novel, “The Beholden“. I have just listened to the paragraphs being read back to me by my computer software, ‘Read Aloud’, a good programme incidentally, quite realistic…
I stare out of the window, my computer is just under the window and I can stare out into the real world to garner inspiration as I write…
This is me about to go into writer mode again. I asked Hilda what book I should write (I have quite a few at various stages in the writing process…) expecting her to ask me to finish “The Third Eye“, but no…
Hilda wants to know what happens next to Wilson Small, wanting to know what happens to us, (Humanity)…
As she wryly observed, “The Devil is not going to be very happy at Wilson Small after…”
After what? well, you’ll have to read “The Beholden” to get the answer to that question… Meanwhile, I look out of the window to get inspiration and press the spacebar to hear the last few paragraphs read out to me again… Then I remember…
“Ah, yes… Mr. Walthamstow…”
I’m back in writer mode…

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