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Had an interesting day today, I like to think of it as an audition for a literary agent, Sort of “Britain’s Got Writers”. It was a Literary agent’s open day in Edinburgh. I have to tell you it was like “Britain’s got talent” in one sense, the room was packed and everyone was excited… I had received an email suggesting a time for me to meet one of the staff having a one-to-one with the writers, as they were going to be running late… So I had another walk along Princes Street then had a coffee before I made my way to the Open Day.
I had barely entered the room,not even found a seat, which were hard to find, before my name was called. I met a Script Editor who was brought in to help out. He was really interesting and concise with his assessment of my work, which was the “Santa Stone”, a Young Adult story. In the story the children (heroes) suddenly find themselves in a magical place. My interviewer, who had read the first twenty pages and the synopsis, liked the story and ‘felt engaged’ (he liked it)… However, there is always a ‘however’… He felt that I should have ‘engaged the reader’ more with the children’s sudden appearance in this wondrous place and… he was absolutely correct! So I will insert this into the book.
So I’m turning the tables on this ‘Audition’ because… If you have a book that requires indepth honest appraisal I’m strongly recommending my interviewer at the Open Day. You’ll note I haven’t named anybody, that’s because I didn’t tell the organisers that I may do a blog… So, if you do have a story you wish edited, and critiqued, PM me and I will give you the information…

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