Blood Sweat and Tears…

I’ve been working hard on getting my new website finished and must thank Pauline Randall of Florizel Media Ltd and Business Gateway, in Glenrothes, for their help. As I have not advertised my books (lack of the wherewithal) only my Facebook friends are aware of the Titles, however, I have received wonderful reviews for my books.

Of “Lesser Expectations”, an Amazon UK customer reviews:

“Lesser Expectations, by Kenneth J. Mathews is a book that I couldn’t put down. Every chapter was more exciting than the last building up to its conclusion. A wonderful read that I would recommend to anyone. A book of intrigue indeed.”

Of “One Man’s Fault”, Joy RS reviews it on as:

“Highly original and comfortingly familiar, and it sparks with unpredictable twists.”

3 June 2019 – Published on

Verified Purchase

“Can one really say that of a book? Well, this book just begs for a comment like that. It was heartwarming, fun, cynical, and completely unexpected, and I loved reading it. It starts out all very normal and then does a Roald Dahl kind of twist, with bits of Spike Milligan, and a flavour of screenplay thrown in. Then there’s the pub and a rubbish dump (sorry a green recycling facility), and an angel, and as a result, it’s one hundred per cent original and works brilliantly. You’ll have so much fun with it.”

Of “The Beholden”, Margaret Calder reviews, on Facebook:

“Hi Ken I am at the point that that I can no longer extend my indulgence in reading The Beholden and am at the point of finishing your very fine book! It has been so much fun to dip in and out of the roller coaster of light and dark. Much like falling down a rabbit hole from the everyday almost banality of existence into an intensely evil underworld! One that no one has experienced I’m sure in its entirety but have become so close that they can almost smell the hellfire!”

These reviews make me feel very humble. It is wonderful  to find readers who appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears I have gone through in writing these books.

These words make everything worthwhile. Thank you so much!

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