Spindrift: the spray blown from the top of waves by high winds.

Spindrift, the spray blown from the tops of waves during stormy weather. Reporters have always struck me, because of the personal spin they put on news , or rumours, as spraying spindrift, not caring about the consequences of their words.

So, in 2004 I decided to write a column called Spindrift, highlighting stories and rumours from various sources and have a little fun with the facts and statistics. I did this audio column for the best part of two years when Dave Williams of ACB radio spotted the audio column I was doing for the blind and visually impaired, and invited me to do a weekly radio programme on ACB.

I recently came across these recordings as I was searching the computer for examples of my writing, and became fascinated by the events I had recorded in the years of 2004/5. For instance, one of my first comments featured the very, very expensive Scottish Parliament building, which opened and held the first debate in 2004. In the comment I compared the cost of the building, unfavourably, with the coast to coast Australian Railway which cost the same amount of money …

I am making these recordings available as It’s surprising what was happening in those days compared with today, a mere fifteen years later …

Spindrift 1 looks at the cost of the Scottish Parliament building, before examining Thames Sewage and their proposal to export sh.. sewage to Scotland. He then highlights disabled parking before criticising the killing of hedgehogs. Ken and Barbie divorcing then comes under scrutiny before he examines stem cells and breast implants ….

Spindrift 1

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