Snotters, mussels and stinky internet (Circa 2004)

Another audio blast from the past as Spindrift looks at the cost of building a new town of 10,000 houses in Scotland at the time of the opening of the Scottish Parliament, before moving on to pastures new. A waitress’s disgust at the meal he has just eaten, declaring, to a bemused Spindrift, “I wouldn’t stick that muck in my mouth!” He then moves on to the latest hi-tech (at the time) of introducing smells to everybody’s emails. The inference being; should you talk about picking strawberries then the smell of strawberries will assail your nostrils. On the other hand, if the email mentions that one of your friends is leaving a trail of particularly stinky farts… You get the idea! Spindrift then reveals that the Secret Services are advertising for secret agents… so not so secret then! Perhaps they should send some of these agents to the village of ‘Lost’ to solve the mystery of all the missing signposts…

Spindrift 2

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