CKD. Chronic Kidney Disease.

Side Effects…

I had a blood test a couple of weeks ago and was asked to come in and see the nurse. As the date for the meeting was a couple of weeks later, I didn’t think too much about it. As I said to Hilda, “if it was something important, I would have been called in earlier.” I am quite used to blood tests as I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and have to have regular blood tests… The meeting was yesterday and was not routine, I had been diagnosed as having CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). I confess to feeling numb as there is no cure, apart from transplant, and I now inhabit a surreal world. Yes I know a lot of people, who read my books will think, so no change there then… However, I need to find out how I can alleviate the symptoms. Where do I go? What do I look for? How can I help myself? One of the things I’ve already (just) found out is my medication for my RA has this listed as a side effect. I’ve been taking this treatment for over twenty years and had no idea this was a side-effect. However (in fairness) had I been told this was a possibility at the time, I would have probably still gone ahead as my Arthritis was so bad. So… I’m not looking for quack medicinal advice, but I am open to advice on how to manage my condition and carry on writing. Advice on how to put the diagnosis to the back of my mind and concentrate on living. Advice on diet and management will also be welcomed…

I was asked a question about my condition, Chronic Kidney Disease on my page on Facebook by Susan, she asks: What is the medication you’ve been on that has caused this as a side effect? I hope it remains mild and that you won’t need a transplant xx

A patient on Dialysis.

Hello Susan and thank you for your good wishes. Methotrexate is the drug I take for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, a miracle drug… I was bed-bound until they put me on Methotrexate. I am taking all the measures I can to assist my kidneys, however there is a scarcity of collated information on what to do in the event of getting CKD and how to go about assisting your kidneys. You’d be surprised at the mundane questions I’m asking with little or no information being available, the information being scattered all over the place. I am thinking about collecting all the information I’m looking for (when I find it) and publishing a book, as I’m also the cook in the household, I will probably include recipes I find to be helpful, it’s surprising the ingredients I can’t use…

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