Trains, bottled water and horse racing fraud.

In the second edition of Spindrift’s 2004 audio blog, you were told about thieves who were stealing place-name signs from the village of Lost, in Scotland. Astonishingly, in the third edition, Spindrift tells about the Ukrainian thieves who had much grander targets when it came to stealing other peoples property. The question is; how on earth did they manage to steal theses iconic items without anyone noticing??? Spindrift also tells how Coca Cola’s launch, in Britain 2004, of ‘Dasani’ a new product they classified as mineral spring water, was anything but. The only running water aspect of the product was when it splashed into the toilet before being filtered, bottled, sold… then drunk again…

Interestingly, to update the blog… Dasani is now back on sale in other parts of the world, advertised as “Filtered tap water”…

Spindrift three.

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