Audio, Spindrift

Grand Theft Train!

They like to do things differently in Eastern Europe, there, when they carry out a train robbery they do it properly… they steal the train! Not content with that, they come back for for the rails! Just one of the things Spindrift tells us about in Spindrift 3. He also asks if theres should be a register for footballers, similar to that on which football hooligans and sex offenders find themselves. Dasani also features, the so-called “spring water” on sale at your local supermarket that had been through the bodies of Londoners before being bottled. In the last episode he’d been incensed that London wanted to dump its sewage in Scotland, now he tells of the scheme to export English prisoners to Scottish prisons… among other things. It only goes to show that Britain in 2004 was as weird a place as it is today!

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