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Style-sheets and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

‘Who’s like us’, or as we Scots say ‘Wha’s like us? One thing is true, when we hate people we go all out, there are no half measures!

The latest thing in the hate campaign against Jacob Rees-Mogg is aimed at his insistence that his staff adhere to a style-sheet for all communications. All the haters have lined up and nothing, no matter how disastrous in the world, is making headlines apart from the invective directed at Rees-Mogg.

Headliners, editors and people who don’t like Rees-Mogg because of his politics are desperate to belittle him. I try and find out what’s happening around the world, and all I see is news about style-sheets and Jacob Rees-Mogg. The haters trying to belittle him and by association, the Government, have seized on this as the opportunity of a lifetime.  

The truth of the matter is: these people who malign, and belittle him, have to adhere to style-sheets themselves!

If I were to write an article for any newspaper I would have to adhere to  their house style-sheet, Font, Size. Layout etc.

If I try to get an agent, I have to submit my story in a format (style-sheet) that strictly complies with their rules. If I don’t, it goes straight into the bin without being read!

The same applies to writing a film screenplay. Unless I adhere strictly to the requirements of the style-sheet of the industry it goes into the bin unread.

If I send a letter, it has to be in an accepted format (style-sheet) expected by the recipient. The fact of the matter is we all have to adhere to style-sheets! To my eyes all the kerfuffle about style-sheets is ridiculous, and by association all the people making a fuss are ridiculous!

Stop acting like clowns and let’s get some real news in the media!

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