The Ten Bells Public House London…

There is one major difference between writing a novel and writing for film or television. Sort of obvious really, if I write about something happening in a specific location, that’s fine and it costs nothing (unless the location objects), whereas in film or TV the location has to be rented, probably for quite a lot of money, then equipment brought in actors, crew etc…

So what brought this on? Well, in my new novel ‘The Vulgare Manuscripts’ I have a meeting between two demons, and I wanted them to meet in London in an historical location which would instil in the reader a feeling of uneasiness, a place where evil has already visited and the location is well known! I decided to place the action in “The Ten Bells” on the corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street in Spitalfields, London, the Ten Bells being linked to two of the victims of Jack the Ripper; Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly… The outside has changed from those days but the interior hasn’t! How much would that cost to film in? I did, as a courtesy, email ‘The Ten Bells’ about my plans and had a lovely conversation about the pub and my book, after which they wished me well. If I go to London I will definitely make it a port of call.

Thank you Ten Bells for your best wishes…

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