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Save Santa

At a picnic on a beach the youngest child of the Morton family, Silver, discovers a strange stone in the surf which speaks to her. The children tell their parents the stone speaks to them and is the property of Santa Claus. Their parents smile indulgently, not believing a word, thinking it is just children’s vivid imaginations.
The stone told the Morton children that Santa had been thrown into a dungeon by his evil half-brother, the wizard Malocadir, and the only person who can defeat the wizard is Santa Claus, but only if he has the ‘Santa Stone’.
After a wild and stormy night, the Morton children find themselves in the world of MU, where it has been foretold that three Heroes would appear to help the Elves, dwarfs and reindeer to battle the evil wizard and free Santa Claus.
Summer, Phoenix and Silver Morton are those heroes, and they have to get the stone to Santa…

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