Something was not right about my story…

I finished writing today, a full days output! I had it read over by my software, read it again myself, then did a minimal edit. 
As prose it was good, as story it was good, but there was something wrong… 
it just didn’t fit the story… 
All the elements were there that identified it as part of the story, yet… I wasn’t convinced… That was the end of the scene and end of of my writing day, so I sighed and printed it out for Hilda to critique…
A little later I noticed she’d read it and made one minor comment, so I asked her the question.  
“What do you think?
“I’m not sure…” was her answer, and I heaved a sigh of relief, I was right, there was something wrong and Hilda had noticed as well…
So there goes a days work, I’ll scrap it and write something totally different on Sunday… something that drives the story, and something that fits…

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