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How did you start writing?

I have a love of writing, a myriad of stories flash into my brain every single day. The only way to quieten them is to focus on the novel that I’m writing at the time. So, from approx. eight in the morning till one-o-clock in the afternoon it is exclusively the novel. I finish writing and my thoughts are replaced with other stories,… what if?
I was a guitarist/singer from the age of fifteen, probably why I never got into writing seriously until five years ago, I was always too busy… 
I did write my very first novel in 1974 called ‘No Innocents’, I got turned down by a major publisher which discouraged me and because I was so busy with my music I stopped writing…
In 2007/8 I took my MA in screenwriting and had four short films produced. ‘Absolutely’; Sexy Girl; Room 14; Graduation Day’.
I couldn’t get a feature film made from my scripts as there’s no money in Scotland to make a film from an unknown writers screenplay, I decided to go back to novel writing, at least that way my words would be read!

It’s totaly pointless being a writer if nobody reads your words, or sees your films if you’re a screenwriter. ..

So, I started writing seriously and have (thus far) published four novels; ‘Lesser Expectations’; The Santa Stone’; ‘One Man’s Fault’; and ‘The Beholden’; the last two named being the first two books in a supernatural horror series.
I’m currently working on the third book in the series; ‘The Vulgate Manuscripts’. 
I also have have several other novels at various stages. ‘The Third Eye’; ‘Cage’; ‘Forty Miles of Rain’ just to mention a few…

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