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VideoBook Writers and Producers.

My VideoBook Studio

I have started a group for VideoBook Writers on Facebook, it is called (imaginatively) “VideoBook Writers and Producers”

So, What’s a VideoBook?

The VideoBook group on Facebook is designed to allow authors or writers of any description another outlet and possible potential revenue stream for their work.
Thus far the concept of VideoBooks does not exist, so I am told by a friend of mine, a film producer whose insights I value, however if that is the case then this page aims to correct that!

So, what is a videobook?

The idea came to me recently, as I used to be (20 odd years) a producer and presenter of audio magazines for a charity for the visually impaired.
As I already have my books published for sale in Paperback and Kindle format I decided to publish in Audiobook format as well, to provide another revenue stream, which was when my idea for a videobook format came about.
As I was recording the audiobook in my studio(!) I started filming the readings with my webcam. 
This does two things. It allows me to publish my work as an audiobook, AND it allows me to publish the book, using the same footage and audio content, as a Videobook for people who like to watch performance art. In other words, to watch the author read his or her work live, and there is an audience for this! 

Nobody knows your work, and the nuances of your work, as well as you (the author) does! So your reading will truly reflect your work. 

The Videobook idea is simple, you have yourself filmed as you read your work. 
In my case, I’m using a webcam with a greenscreen background. 
I would expect, in the future, that I will start to use audio and video effects as well as more than one camera to film the readings if the concept takes off, but that is in the future and is entirely up to me, or you, as the Artiste if you wish to do so…
Now all I’ve got to do is persuade Amazon to recognise VideoBooks as a valid sales platform!

The only rules I am laying down for the group is; be nice to each other, we’re all trying to do the same thing.
Please do not show multiple readings on the same day, I’ve noticed in other groups that one person can post multiple things and hog the platform to themselves. I want everyone to have an equal chance and an equal opportunity.
If you want to show your work, please do it by linking to it on another platform, YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform. This is to save the group getting clogged up. The rules can be changed if undesirable elements to the group present themselves in the future.
If any nastiness or undesirable advertising appears, I will delete the offending articles or members. If members have things they would like to see in the rules, or see changed in the group, contact Admin and they will be considered.

Please enjoy the VideoBook Group, and I wish you all the best of luck.

Kenneth J. Matthews.

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