Talk about being embarrassed, as I was leaving the house I started to upload ‘Indifference’ to Facebook, never realising I’d chosen the wrong file or that I was going to be delayed. 

When I got home Facebook had a notice saying it had been uploaded to the Internet. I started to play it which was when I discovered my mistake… 😧🤒🤒🤒

There I was (on screen) looking about, (in an unedited file…) blowing my nose etc in front of a greenscreen… Thank God I never farted (!)

So, here’s the proper file… It’s the first scene from Indifference.

I came across this screeenplay, one of my feature film screenplays, and thought I would apply my Videobook format to it. So I started to novelize it. This is the first scene when the son realizes his father is a Badass who will be more than able to deal with the murderous villains who are about to appear! Neil Meffan, you’ll remember this screenplay, it’s the one about the NRA…😳😳😳

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