Animate your stories?

I haven’t been spending much time on Social Media recently, not because of all the election hate and bile that’s permeating Facebook, I found a way to make sure none of that appears on my newsfeed, but because I’m going to start animating again. 
As I can’t afford to publicise my books I’ve decided to have a go producing them as VideoBooks and Animations… 

Years ago I was learning animation software and started to produce one of my stories, which is a saga covering 300 years, ‘The Laissez-Faire Inheritance’ a Sci-Fi story. To say I was being optimistic is perhaps an understatement, neverthelessless I did produce a 17 minute animation… Looking at the animation now I can see many ways it could be improved! 
The animation software I used has since been upgraded many times and bears no relation in working to the version I worked with. 
Nevertheless I have upgraded to the new software and will have to learn it all over again. I am prepared, and have the patience to do so, relearn the software. 
The only problem with that is I have had to download my many thousands of animation assets to the new software again. It’s quicker to redownload them than try to find them on my many drives. 
I have been doing that for the last few days and expect to be doing it for another few days.
I am looking forward to starting the animating within the next few days.
If you’re curious to see the animation I did all those years ago here’s a link. I expect my new animations to be many light years better…

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