The Beholden: A.reading.

Been busy working on readings from my new book “The Beholden”. This is the first excerpt from the reading. The tension builds as Wilson Small’s friends are kidnapped for sacrifice by the Demon Tabael (Tabitha)…

The Demon Tabael is almost ready to resurrect her master Satan to rule the Earth and has kidnapped three of Wilson’s friends to use as sacrifices… Wilson Small, The Beholden, and his bungling Angel companion, Barachiel, are the only ones capable of foiling Tabael’s plans and saving Humanity from being enslaved… Some local Police Officers, who are the only ones who realise that the threat from the demon is real, try to persuade Wilson Small to attend the sacrificial ceremony in order to save his friends. Wilson has already battled with the dark forces of Satan and is reluctant to go, “Wild Horses couldn’t get me to that ceremony…” Oh, really?

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