The Beholden: a reading, chapter three

I was asked if the hero in my “One Man’s Fault’ and The Beholden’ books, Wilson Small, was a ‘badass’ character. I said no, so was asked how I would describe him… I answered thus.
My hero, Wilson Small, starts off not knowing the time of day or which way is up… He is totally bewildered by the events that threaten him and civilization…
Because of his one act of madness he is thrust into a world of craziness, a battle between Heaven and Hell in which Wilson appears to hold the pivotal role…
Wilson Small has to grow into an heroic character, a role completely alien to him, in order for his and the world’s survival…😲😲😲

A police sergeant stamps his authority and gathers a meagre forces to storm the tower and rescue the people who are marked as human sacrifices, a suicide mission.

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