The Beholden; An audio reading. Chapter 1

How did the world get to the brink of the Apocalypse, the first audio chapter of my novel “The Beholden” chronicles events as police stage a suicidal attempt to free 13 sacrificial victims from the Demon Tabael, one of whom is The Beholden…

Everybody watches, everybody comments, yet nobody understands! The town of Cormoring is besieged with tourists all hoping to witness supernatural events. People are dying, which only swells the ghouls and trolls desperate to witness, or take selfies with devils and demons.

There is a new building in Town, a skyscraper, built on the ruins of a Satanic Temple. The nearer the dedication day approaches, the more the supernatural events occur, culminating in gruesome deaths.

Will Humanity survive?

The reading is taken from an audiobook currently being produced by the author Kenneth J Matthews.

Have a look inside the book.

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