Write a book and then animate it?

Because I am having to remain indoors for a speculated three months, I have decided to animate my book, The Beholden. This is the second book in my supernatural, paranormal series of “One Man’s Fault” and lends itself to animation because it has a lot of dramatic moments… Whether I actually finish the animation is not the point, it gives me something to do. I have a regimen… a job, a reason to get up, a reason to use my mind on something useful rather than dwell on the awfulness of the plague afflicting humanity…

If I don’t do this I would probably do nothing other than watch the horrors rising from the dreadful Coronavirus stories on the news, without let-up, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So here’s a moment from my animation as Tabael tries to resurrect the Devil!

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