“It’s a wrap”

I’ve finished work on the animation scene of the Devil being resurrected, a scene from my book, ‘The Beholden”. Hilda, ny partner, wants me to animate my children/Young Adult book, “The Santa Stone”.

The Santa Stone features Hilda’s grandchildren, the wouldbe rescuers of Santa Claus, who is near death in the dungeon of his half-brother, an evil wizard…

As I’m housebound because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I have about twelve weeks (the authorities think…) to do the animation. I think it’s unlikely that I will be able do the whole thing in that time frame but I will certainly try.

It’s a long time since i’ve done animation and my favourite software has been updated out of all recognition, so I was pleased to animate the devil rises as it was fun and sharpened up my skills with animation as a well as editing video…

So here’s the final cut!

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