And if things couldn’t get any worse…

A great dinner, along with a chilled white wine this evening, prepared by Chef Hilda.
This follows a not particularly good weekend for me… I managed to get three of a kind (three injuries)… 
Day one saw me miss a step as I hurried to help Hilda with the messages from her car (I’m in lockdown), I was rewarded with a cut knee and sore shoulder…
Day two, my day for cleaning the downstairs. I was hurrying to get finished and spotted one of Willow’s (our cat) toys on the floor so I rushed over to pick it up, completely forgetting that I’d left the built-in microwave open… For this I was rewarded with a split head and blood all over the place… Nurse Hilda was a ministering angel and my head is now plastered (as will Hilda and I be when we finish the wine…) 
The touble with that is, my hair is also under the mountain of plasters and will have to be removed at some time, my mind flinched as I wrote that sentence… 
Day three. Hilda gave me a giant KitKat which removed the crown off one of my front teeth (which was loose I now realise), which means I am now eating my face from the inside out with the jagged tooth… The dentists all being closed down and me in lockdown doesn’t particularly help me with the dentistry….
But to look on the bright side… I have discovered that we have a household with a great chef and nurse to cater for my accrued injuries, as well as a bodyguard. Hilda has banned me from going to the door when the bell rings, just in case…
Hey ho… we still have some wine in the bottle and there’s a drop or three left in the whisky bottle… Slainte…

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