Complete animated scene from ‘The Santa Stone’

I started trying to animate my book ‘The Santa Stone’ when I was deemed to be ‘shielded’ ie; in lockdown. decided to use my time to relearn animation software I had used ten tears before. The software has changed beyond recognition over the years and is basically a totally new programme. Nevertheless I was in lockdown, so it gave me something to do. This complete scene from my book ‘The Santa Stone”, is the forest scene in which the children meet a rather large fairy… I am posting the more-or-less raw footage so my progress can be seen as the scene progresses. I have all the original files and when I’ve finished creating the rest of he scenes in the book, I will redo them with my newfound skills…

This is the complete scene. It will be polished, when I finish setting up the other scenes from the book, and I hope to have voice actors, hopefully the children for whom the book was written, Summer, Phoenix and Silver….

For anybody interested in statistics. The scene comprises 40 different camera setups and that’s not including things like Pan and zoom etc…

#TheSantaStone, #Fantasy, #SantaClaus, #Fairies, #Wizards, #Monsters, #Magic

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