Top musician, Quist, agrees to music being used in fantasy fable animation.

Happy to announce that world famous guitarist, “Quist” agreed to his music being featured in the animated film of my book, The Santa Stone”

This is the animated forest scene from my book ‘The Santa Stone’, here the children meet the ‘Godfairy’, who may, or may not, be able to help them… The Godfairy is not very happy when she finds out that the ‘Warriors’, who have been foretold to save the world and Santa Claus, from the evil wizard ‘Malocadir’, are children! Will the empty pages of “Aymon Kelric’s book of Foretelling” tell of triumph, or will the children perish on this strange world. The music, “The Sugar Plum Fairy” in the animation, is arranged and played by guitar maestro “Quist”, The one-time lead guitarist with Bryan Ferry and now master of his own destiny…

#Quist, #Godfairy, #TheSantaStone, #BryanFerry, #Kennethjmatthews, #OneMansFault, #TheBeholden, #LesserExpectations,

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