The Santa Stone. Currently in production.

Many years ago I started to learn how to do animation, then I stopped to write novels, one of which is “The Santa Stone”. Recently, since I became a ‘shielded’ person from Covid 19, I decided to resurrect my animation career and start to attempt an animated feature film of my book, “The Santa Stone”. Not so easy, as the software has become far more sophisticated and I had to relearn it… However, I had plenty of time to learn, Covid 19 made sure of that… So I started experimenting.

Here are a couple of scenes from the animation, along with some of the main characters who introduce themselves. The opening music is “The Sugar Plum Fairy” played and arranged by world famous maestro of the guitar, Jacob “Quist” Quistgaard.

The heroes arrive.

Here are they main characters. They asked me if they could introduce themselves, naturally I said yes…

The evil wizard, Malo Kadir
The Grand Vizier, Melvin Pratstone.
Summer ‘The brains’ of the heroes.
Phoenix. The fearless one.

Silver the youngest and maybe, in the end, the most important…

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