Animation blues and triumphs.

I’ve had an exciting couple of days, yet I’ve never moved from my computer seat. To some this is going to sound weird, how can you get excited when you’re working on a computer? Simple really, I’ve been on the edge of my seat, excited, horrified, desperate and frustrated in turn… 
The answer is, the animation of my novel ‘The Santa Stone’, I’m nearing the end of the first episode, It’s clearly gonig to be a series of 30 minute episodes, probably 12 before the story is finished. 
To go through the emotions in turn… I’ve been EXCITED because I’ve been animating wolves to pursue the children through the forest, with a view of having them for lunch, the children and Percival the deer running to escape being on the menu. 
I’ve been excited to see my work coming together as a movie as my skills improve, utilising all my skills as a screenwriter and a movie director. (Yes! screenwriters are movie directors), they have to describe what happens on screen. In my case I am actually creating all the scenes literally…
I’ve been HORRIFIED when the scene I’ve been working on has been lost when the computer crashed. Then ELATED when I reproduced the scene, only better, as I had spotted an improvement.
DESPERATE and FRUSTRATED when I couldn’t get one of my characters to perform the motions I was trying to get them to do because of my lack of knowledge…
Then came the moment when I was rendering the scene to video and the whole computer CRASHED and I had to delve into the dark arts of restoring the computer… 
Phew, I need a drink, two whiskies tonight methinks!😗😗

The scene I’m describing above comes after this clip taken from “The Santa Stone”

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