The Santa Stone Animation and other things…

On a flight back to his home base after finishing delivering Christmas presents to the children of the world, Santa Claus’ sleigh is attacked by giant condors. All the contents of Santa’s sleigh, and his personal possessions are lost in the attack, which ends when Santa is carried away by the birds.
At a picnic on a beach the youngest child of the Morton family, Silver, discovers a strange stone in the surf. A stone that talks to the children. The children tell their parents about the stone, telling them that the stone is the property of Santa Claus and he has lost it. Their parents smile at the story, thinking it is make-believe…
On the way home from the beach, the stone informs the children, Silver, Summer and Phoenix, that Santa is the prisoner of an evil wizard and his only chance of escape is having the stone returned to him by the children, for without the stone Santa will perish, the children are his only hope…
The cruel Wizard, Santa’s half-brother, has ruled this world for centuries with the source of his power being called ‘The ‘Lodestone’.
After a wild and stormy night at home the children are magically transported to this world, where they discover it has been foretold, in a Holy book, three Heroes will appear to battle the evil wizard’s forces and free the world of MU, and Santa Claus, from the Wizard’s tyranny.

The book is now being turned into an animated series and here is a preview of the opening scene, shortly before he was attacked by giant birds…

The book is now available for sale on Amazon, click on the picture of the book to be taken to the store.

About the author

I was born in an army camp at the start of the second world war, my father being killed in Burma towards the end of the conflict. I was shuffled from pillar to post for the next eight years, ending up at my Granny’s in Edinburgh.
In 1949, at the tender age of nine I was sent to a Military School in Kent where discipline was harsh, and I was taught to shoot a .303 (army issue) rifle at the age of 11.
At the age of sixteen I became a (small-time) rock-n-roll star in a band called Johnny and the Falcons in Edinburgh and the group became well followed. So well were we considered, we were (myself and the lead guitarist), invited to join Dean Ford and the Gaylords, who later became Marmalade… when the manager told us our band member friends were crap, we became incensed and told him where to stick his band… Big mistake!
For as long as I can remember I’ve been a storyteller. I still get criticised for turning the most mundane activities into stories… (“For God’s sake, get to the point!”)
In 2007/2008 I attended Edinburgh Napier University and was awarded an MA degree in screenwriting. After having four short films made from my scripts, I returned to writing novels, this was after I discovered there was no money to make feature films (which was my forte) in Scotland.
Thank goodness for computers, it allows me to write down my stories, a combination of thriller, comedic, scary, dramatic, paranormal and fantasy.
Currently I have written two stories in the ‘One Man’s Fault’ series, “One Man’s Fault” and “The Beholden.” A paranormal series with comedic overtones.
The first novel I released is “Lesser Expectations”, a thriller where an unsuspecting family are bequeathed a Billion-pound fortune. The only problem they have with that is; they also inherit another relative, who is a serial killer determined to kill them all so he can inherit the lot!
The fourth book is “The Santa Stone”, a young adult fantasy story which follows the story of three children who find themselves tasked with saving Santa Claus from death. It is written with a dual perspective, that of the children and their adventures in a different world, and that of the parents, terrified as they worry for their children.
More in each series will be released as soon as I can copy them from my brain to the computer!
Contact information is available on this website: and I’m always happy to talk to readers on my Facebook author page. Kenneth J Matthews  

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