The “Pandemic” Screenplay.

I’ve decided to publish my screenplay of “Pandemic” here, on my Website.

 The story follows ‘Lucas’ who is a carrier of Covid 19, who has now contracted the virus for the second time. He has never kept to any rules to protect the public and thirteen people have already died who were in contact with him. He is a bully and is demanding that doctors treat him again…

Should any film company or organisation wish to produce it, they only have to contact me for permission… I will also consider writing it as a stage play, again, just contact me!

And… if you just want to read it…

A long crowd, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks, all but one individual, LUCAS who has no mask and looks belligerently at anyone who stares at him. Everyone is keeping well away from him…
You should be wearing a mask…
Lucas steps towards PATIENT 1 who backs away hastily.
And… what YOU gonna do about it?
Patient 1 goes back into queue, getting a pat on the back from people in the crowd.
The queue moves slowly into the building until Lucas is in front of the receptionist, he ignores the hand disinfectant.
The receptionist, behind a glass screen points at the notice on the glass.
I want an appointment with the doctor! Now!
The receptionist points to the notice again and slides a mask across the counter then closes the aperture in the glass screen.
I’m not putting that on, it’s against my civil rights…
What is your name sir?
Your date of birth?
7th December 1986.
The receptionist picks up a phone punches a number, then speaks into it.
There’s a Mr Lucas who is demanding to see the doctor straight away Ma’am.
The receptionist listens and answers.
The CHI number?
She reads from the monitor.
The number ends in 7042…
Lucas? Yes that’s correct ma’am.
(Glances at Lucas)
His name is Lucas
The crowd starts to mutter as Lucas appears to get preferential treatment.
The receptionist listens intently before hanging up the phone.
She nods and smiles at Lucas as a masked male NURSE approaches the man.
If you’d like to follow me sir.
Lucas follows the nurse down the hall, then enters a room as the nurse opens the door for him.
He is startled when the door slams shut and the door is locked, with the nurse on the outside.
Stunned, he looks around the room.
There is a chair bolted to the floor in the middle of the room.
Opposite the chair is a large window in the middle of the wall, a small loudspeaker is installed just beneath it.
On the other side of the window is a desk with a comfortable swivel chair, the chair and desk facing the window. The door in the adjacent room opens and the male nurse enters, placing a large file on the desk, he leaves again.
Lucas stares, then shouts as the door shuts behind the nurse.
What the fuck’s goin’ on?
Complete silence, Lucas starts to look nervous.
What the fucks goin’ on?
He walks to the door and tries the handle, locked!
He kicks the door then goes over to the window and punches it.
He grimaces in pain and shakes his sore hand, the window is armoured.
Let me outta here!
He goes back over to the door and kicks it again but the sound is deadened, it is no ordinary door…
He doubles up as he starts to cough, phlegm bursting through his lips and sticking to the door.
He runs over to the chair and tries to wrench it from the bolts holding it, then notices a small camera high on the ceiling.
He is being observed.
Fuck this!
He takes a run at the window and launches a Karate kick at it, bouncing off and striking his head on the chair as he falls, lying there in a heap groaning.
He sits up as he sees a face appear at the window. It is the male nurse.
What the fucks goin’ on? Open the door or I’ll have the law on you!
The nurse smiles.
Of course you will sir, if you’d like to take a seat.
Fuck you and your seat, where’s the doctor?
She’ll be right with you sir, when you take a seat!
He smiles again and leaves the room.
Lucas walks back and forth, eventually tiring and sitting down.
The door in the room beyond the window opens and a lady of slight build, SWEETMAN, wearing a white coat sits down.
She opens the file and starts to read, occasionally staring at Lucas before returning to her reading.
Lucas is sweating, this is not normal.
What the fuck’s goin’ on Doc?
She stands up and stares at him icily.
Who said I’m a doctor?
She sweeps from the room, and Lucas gapes as the door closes behind her, sweat starting to pour down his face.
He stands up and walks around the room, examining the walls closely, there is nothing to see. Following another bout of coughing Lucas sits down.
The door in the other room opens and SWEETMAN enters, she sits down and opens the file again.
She looks up as it appears Lucas is about to say something, then looks down again as he closes his mouth.
It says here that you contracted Covid 19 last year?
Lucas looks at her, about to say something but changes his mind. Sweetman nods.
Very good… Just answer the questions and we’ll get along just fine.
(she stared at him)
However if you say anything else…
Lucas nods in understanding.
Sweetman taps the file as she looks at him.
This is correct isn’t it Lucas? You did catch Covid 19 and were treated for it last year?
She stares at Lucas who nods reluctantly.
But not before you organised a rave party in Bristol, I understand police officers were injured there…
Nothing to do with me.
Sweetman glares at him.
Just answer the question!
Following the party you went to see your father, but not before eating at a motorway cafe? That is correct?
Sweetman continues to read the notes, leaving Lucas with an uncomfortable silence. He looks about to speak, then thinks better of it.
It also says here that fourteen people caught the virus in that cafe and four died!
Nothing to do…
He stops talking as she glances at him.
Then nine people died at the Care Home where you visited your father?
Lucas just nods then shouts.
They were just a side effect from the Covid Pandemic. It wasn’t me! I didn’t do anything. It was the virus.
Fuck them all… You can’t do anything to me! I want a lawyer! I have civil rights!
Those thirteen people had civil rights as well Mr Lucas!
I want a fuckin’ lawyer!
A lawyer? You are at a doctors surgery.
Doctors my arse! This is the bloody inquisition!
You came here, of your own volition Mr. Lucas, you want treatment for the Covid which has re-infected you. Am I correct?
He looks around, startled as he hears the soft whisper of gas as it enters the room through the small loudspeaker.
He runs towards the door then falls in a heap to the ground, unconscious.
Sweetman watches for a moment then leaves the room.
The door opens and the nurse enters pushing a stretcher (gurney) then lifts Lucas onto it.
Lucas wakes up from the gas, he is strapped to a bed. He is able to turn his head and look around.
The nurse is sitting, masked, on a chair at the bottom of the bed.
Where am I?
You wanted the Covid virus treated? You want to get rid of it, right?
Why have you got me strapped to the bed?
(extreme panic)
He stares at the nurse in horror.
You’re going to kill me aren’t you?
Help, help…
The door opens and Sweetman enters the room. She is gowned and masked as if for a surgical operation, and is carrying a canister with a mouthpiece on it.
What are you going to do… I have civil rights…
You can’t do this… This is not a court of law!
Nobody said this was a court of any description Mr Lucas.
This is a doctors surgery…
We have no intention of doing YOU any harm… We are simply going to eradicate the virus from your body…
(smiles again)
As you requested!
She continues with her preparations
I don’t know if you are aware Mr Lucas, we have known for a long time how to actually kill the Covid 19 virus in a human being….
(she smiles)
You are a human being aren’t you?
(slowly, suspiciously)
The nurse moves alongside Lucas and starts to strap his head to the bed.
We wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself when we carry out the death penalty.
Lucas screams.
The doctor rebukes the Nurse.
Not on you of course Mr. Lucas… We’re just killing Covid 19.
Lucas’ eyes swivel, panic and horror showing in his eyes.
This is a Kangaroo court… You’re vigilantes!
You can’t kill me. There is no death penalty in this country!
(shakes her head, soothing)
We’re not carrying out a death penalty Mr Lucas, we’re just going to kill Covid 19, the virus…
She starts to strap the mouthpiece over Lucas’ mouth.
It IS the virus we’re killing you know…
Unfortunately, it does have a serious side effect, no human host has ever been known to survive the procedure…
Lucas’ eyes bulge as Sweetman turns the valve.

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