The ‘Santa Stone’ wishes you all, “A happy New Year”.

To see out the old year, which to be honest hasn’t been the greatest year for most people, I would like to welcome in the New Year, 2021, by giving away the first episode of the animation of my book, “The Santa Stone”. The link is below, please click on the picture.

Covid 19, may it rot in hell, gave me the opportunity to relearn some of my animation skills, as I had plenty of time on my hands. The result is this, the first animated chapter of my book “The Santa Stone”. As a genre it is officially designated as a Young Adult book, although I think it would appeal to a wider audience…

I hope you enjoy it, the chapter is a little over twenty-seven minutes long, and is the fruits of my labour. It is all my own work, with plenty of encouragement from my patient partner, Hilda Beard, and is the direct result of a question asked by Summer, one of the grandchildren. Thank you Summer Quistgaard for the inspiration…

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