New Screenplay, two characters and medicine.

I have been off social media for a week or so because I find it distracts me from my writing. As I’m currently writing a feature length film screenplay, I decided just to concentrate on the writing. Good decision, because the writing has flowed… I have also had invaluable insights from Hilda as she critiqued my work…However, no writing today… had to put the car in for an MOT and collect medications from the chemist. Doing other things tends to ruin my thought processes, as I am really a day writer.

In other words, I get up, breakfast, write, have lunch, then write again until it’s time for me to make dinner. After that? probably sleeping in front of the Telly…I am getting on really well with my Feature screenplay and i am toying with the idea of also (as well as the screenplay, 90 odd pages thus far) filling in the descriptive prose and turning the script into a book. The reason for that is; I started off with an idea for a film, and as I wrote the script, I realised the characters lend themselves to be developed into a series. So, I have two well-rounded out characters, that are screaming to have their own stories, so another thing that I can’t really ignore…I’ll have to ponder…🤭🤭🤭

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