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Comedy, Embarrassment and Pathos.

I couldn’t sleep last night, very unusual for me… For more years than I care to remember, people have asked me why don’t I write a book, or a film script, based on my musical career. The truth was I couldn’t see how I could, my career beginning when I was fifteen, and only coming to a stop some ten or so yers ago. I could never see how to condense it to make it a watchable or readable experience.

Then as I was watching TV last night, I was watching ‘Barry’ on Amazon prime, a really black comedy and a really good watch, the solution to the problem came to me.So, I’ve decided my next book/screenplay, or both, will be based on how my career started in the late fifties… Although I will treat it as fiction and may embellish here and there. When I look back in the cold light of today’s tremendouse musicians, (I do not include pretty boy and pretty girl manufactured bands in that description), I get embarrassed and laugh out loud in equal measure at my beginnings in music.I realized there and then that.

if done right, the story will have all those things, Laughs, Belly laughs and Embarrassment (for me) in equal measure, sptinkled with some Pathos.I could not sleep as all the incidents tumbled through my mind the entire night. This story will encapsulate an early segment of my life, when I was fifteen, and just finished with Military School. It may well reach the point when I became a (minor) Rock Star in the sixties! So, it will be a late ‘Fifties/ early Sixties story, about the scene at the time, the kids at the time, and will move towards the dawn of the Beatles…

I kid you not, I could not sleep thinking about this story I am really fired up!I told Hilda before sleepy times and she became very concerned about my current project, as I am writing a screenplay at the moment.Hilda really wants me to finish the screenplay first! This I have every intention off doing, as I’m very nearly finished the screenplay anyway (apart from the final edit), and the facti s I’m really enjoying writing the story.I reckon two more days at most.Then on to the laughs, embarrassment, and what…. You’ll have to read, and /or hopefully, watch it on screen. 😃😃🤔🤔🤭🤭

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