Film scripts and Greatcoats

Just about to start on the new script. The story’ is about an innocent 15year old boy who knows mothing of the world, apart from marching, shooting and obeying orders, these being drummed into him mercilessly while at Military School. Other than those skills he’s a blank sheet. Then he gets a ukulele… The story is set in the 50’s and 60’s and follows his uncertain steps into the pop music world…

The new story begins, it is still untitled…

December 1955


The day is heavily overcast with purplish snow-bearing clouds, making the wintry day gloomy. Through the snow we see the white cliffs of Dover high and from a distance, we ZOOM into the Military School perched atop the cliffs. We continue to zoom in and HEAR the SOUND of FEET marching in the falling snow, the sound getting louder as the boys near the camera.

We HEAR the SOUND of orders getting louder as the boys approach the camera.


Left, left, left right left…

We see a large squad of marching boys, three abreast, they march past the camera. The wind is howling in from the white cliffs, blowing the falling snow into drifts, being trodden down by the marching boys as they make their way to the dining room for breakfast.


Left, left, left right left…The boy are all dressed in regulation WW2 military uniform battle dress, covered up by greatcoats, some of the coats swamping the smaller boys…


The boys troop through the doors into the dining room. Other boys have already arrived and are seated. There is the general sound of boys chattering as they clamber into the benches with their breakfasts in hand.

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