The Continuing Chronicle of Konrad Kane.

The story is set from the late 1950’s on…

Konrad Kane, leaves a Military School in Dover, Kent, having been there from the tender age of nine. He has no conception of normal family life or the real world. He is a blank verse waiting to be imprinted by any, honest or unscrupulous, people who come along.

Margaret Farmer and Nigel Havant, both in showbiz, recognise Konrad is a potential talent and sign him to a record label. This excerpt from the second episode of the series recounts what happens to Konrad when he, and his Skiffle band, have their last gig before the contract kicks in, and Konrad enters the world of 1960’s Pop.

This screenplay covers pages 21 to 31 and shows the last Gig at the “Pheasant Public House”…

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