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Death by using the Covid 19 Pandemic.

I find writing a story far easier than actually writing a blurb to advertise the book. With that in mind I have agonised over the last few days trying to do that very thing, write a blurb to advertise “Lethal Transmission”, my new book. I’m fairly happy with this effort.

An illegal party hosted by Elliot Brayshaw during the Covid 19 pandemic, propels him into consequences of nightmarish proportions. Partygoers celebrating the death of Brayshaw’s father leave the party and go on a murderous rampage in the neighbouring house, leaving two dead with another gravely injured. The two dead being a six-year-old girl, Isabelle, with her mother Vicky, the critically injured man being Morgan Carr, the husband and father of the two victims. Morgan Carr is also an SAS man…

When Morgan Carr recovers from his injuries, the appropriately named Detective Inspector De’ath is handed the case to solve. The killing begins!

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