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Looking for advice.

 Wilson Small decided to kill himself to join his dead wife and child. God was so angry by the bitterness of the man, he would not allow Wilson to die, vowing if Wilson couldn’t truly understand him (God), he would obliterate Humanity and restock Earth with a different species, thus ending Human existence.
The fate of Humanity rested on the shoulders of Wilson Small and the Fallen Angel who had been allowed to assist him!

Hello everyone, I’m looking for advice from my friends. I need to publicise my books so people know the books (and me) actually exist in the literary world. The problem is I exist on a more or less basic pension and can afford very little for advertising… I have come to the point where I realise I have to invest some of my pension in an attempt to publicise my books (to generate some income), even if it’s only as an experiment. The problem is I’m a babe in arms in the sphere of advertising and any advice would be very much appreciated.

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