The Green Comet.

No matter what sort of story you write, nature will always go one better. Years ago, I was authoring a story about a comet that affected the Earth to a devastating degree, I just allowed my imagination free reign…

The current news, to those people who are still interested in current events and not just the latest colour of lipstick, will be aware of events which are happening at this very moment. Events which may shape our world. Such a story is currently in the news and is a story about a GREEN comet which is about to visit our solar system.

The astronomers assure us this newly discovered green comet last passed the Earth 50,000 years ago. I make no comment as to their accuracy on the dating of the comet.

The comet in my story I called “Comet Laissez-Faire”, which had a farther flung orbit than the green comet, only passing the Earth every half-million years.

Miles Longfellow, an astronomist, discovered the comet. This is his story, and the reason he gave the comet such a strange name.

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