Ken Matthews as ‘The Macer’ in “The Escape Artist”.

Kenneth J. Matthews was introduced to acting when a short film was made of a screenplay he had written, “Graduation Day”. his acting resume is on IMDB under his stage name Ken Matthews.

His debut to acting in film came about when Kenneth was studying for his MA (screenwriting) at Edinburgh Napier University in 2007/08.

A director, who was studying there, asked him if he would write a screenplay for her. She had an idea for a story which was; a boss became suspicious of his secretary who he thought had discovered things about him so… he murdered her! A bit extreme.

Kenneth J. Matthews ended up writing a Sci-Fi screenplay called “Graduation Day”, which the director produced. Having already lined up the cast, but not the evil villain, she asked Kenneth if he would do it. Having been on stage his whole life in one form or another, mostly as a singer/ guitarist, he agreed.

Kenneth’s performance came to the attention of the casting department of “Burke and Hare”, a feature film about to be filmed in Edinburgh and the surrounding area, and he was asked to be ‘The Boil Man’, a poor unfortunate who had a plague of boils on his face…

Since then, Kenneth J. Matthews (under his stage name of Ken Matthews) has been cast in the Bollywood movie, “Mausam”, and has appeared in several TV series including ‘Outlander’ and “The Escape Artist”, a TV series that starred David Tennant. Kenneth has also appeared in several films, TV and adverts since his debut.

His latest appearance is in this TV sketch show where he plays the part of Uncle Ebeneezer for the Janey Kirk Show…