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Promotional Scripting

I'm working on a film script as a promotional tool for my new book, "An Unexpected Turn of Events". I realized in order to show Konrad Kane's (the hero in the book) upward arc from disadvantaged, bullied and generally downtrodden lad, to that of a rock-n-roll Superstar, I would need to have some rock music… Continue reading Promotional Scripting



Kenneth J. Matthews

This is a scene taken from my novel “The Chronicle of Konrad Kane” Konrad finds that people can be cruel to young boys when he is attacked at work.

This is a reading taken from my book “The Chronicle of Konrad Kane”. The novel is very loosely based on incidents taken from my own life, from boy soldier at a military school to Rock superstar (I never actually made it to superstardom, hence it’s a novel…). This reading is an account of a true incident in my life, shortly before I started in a band. I had started work as an engineering apprentice and found myself at the mercy of a fearsome bully… (Names and places have been changed)

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The Third Eye After experimental brain surgery, Samuel Heath is about to leave hospital with British Security Services showing interest in recruiting him. The operation had to be carried out on Samuel after a road traffic accident which left him at deaths door with half of his brain destroyed. A secret surgical procedure was carried out on… Continue reading The Third Eye

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Looking for advice.

 Wilson Small decided to kill himself to join his dead wife and child. God was so angry by the bitterness of the man, he would not allow Wilson to die, vowing if Wilson couldn’t truly understand him (God), he would obliterate Humanity and restock Earth with a different species, thus ending Human existence. The fate… Continue reading Looking for advice.